Alpine Garden Society

Ulster Group

Plant of the Month, March 2005
  Anemone blanda, White Splendour
                                by John McWhirter
Anemone blanda grows in rocky places, in scrub and open woodland, in mountain habitats in the Balkans and eastward to Turkey, and there are a number of good cultivars, of which 'White Splendour' is probably one of the best. It is neither tare nor difficult, but is a neat, compact, attractive and good garden worthy plant.
I got it from Margaret Glynn a good many years ago and planted it in the light sandy soil of a raised border on the east side of a N-S wall. It flourished there, covering itself with large white blossoms every year, getting no attention and no fertiliser but only a mulch with home-made compost now and again.
A few years ago, when it was in full bloom and looking its best, I thought that, though it might not be a Farrar Medal plant, it would at least grace and brighten the Show bench. The venture was not entirely successful for instead of staying in a bunch as I had expected, the roots, which are long thin tubers with little fibre, fell apart. I kept them together as well as I could and eventually got them into the pot, but although I tended it carefully it did not recover well, and so far has not produced a show which is anything like what it did in the garden. I have not disturbed it again but kept it in the pot in a frame in the hope that it will one day look as well as it did when I photographed it. But just in case, I intend to try another plant in the garden.