Alpine Garden Society

Ulster Group

Plant of the Month, June 2008
  Dicentra 'King of Hearts'- by William McKelvey

Dicentra is a member of the Papaveraceae Family; its common name is Bleeding-heart.

'King of Hearts' is a cross between the Japanese species Dicentra peregrina and two North American species, the Western  D. formosa ssp oregana, and the Eastern D. eximia. It has a long flowering season with us, flowering from mid April into late November.

The foliage makes a dome of blue-green fernlike leaves to 20cm in height, this makes a lovely foliage plant; but with its heart shaped rosy-pink flowers in clusters on stems rising 20cm above the foliage turns this into a wonderful garden worthy plant. In our garden itís growing in a shady corner bed of rich moist well drained soil as it wonít take sun and drought.