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Plant of the Month, February  2017
   Hamamelis  - by Anne McCaughan
Hamamelis is commonly known as witch hazel and its bright flowers are a welcome harbinger of spring. Its bare branches, brought into the house, will reward you with scented blossom, weeks before it appears in the garden. It also has useful astringent properties.

H.intermedia 'Arnold Promise'

H.intermedia 'Pallida'

Hamamelis x intermedia pallida is a paler yellow and more scented than Arnold Promise. With me, it is also less floriferous and somewhat sparser in growth. Both colour well in the autumn. They grow quite happily in a fairly shaded position and are very undemanding.
 Incidentally the name has nothing to do with witches, but derives from an old English word wiche or wice meaning pliable or bendable (Wikipedia)
Photos Danny McCaughan