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Plant of the Month, November  2016
   Luma apiculata (Myrtus luma)  - by Liam McCaughey
At this time of year, it is good to have plants which give double value, and this is one which has both flowers and fruit, here photographed in our garden on the same day in late October this year. 


Luma apiculata, or the Chilean Myrtle, is native to Chile and Argentina (where we saw it some years ago on the shores of  Lago Nahuel Huapi near Bariloche.  


Our tree has, to our surprise, survived several winters, and is now about a metre and a half in height. With an ultimate height of 15m it would become too large for our garden, but it can be trimmed to keep it under control.

However when larger, it has beautiful bark colour - the picture below shows multiple stems in the garden at Kilmacurragh.