Alpine Garden Society

Ulster Group

Plant of the Month, June 2005
Pteridophyllum racemosum
  by Margaret Glynn
Pteridophyllum  racemosum  (Papaveraceae)  -  if  ever  anyone  wanted  a  mini collection,  this  should  be it  as there is only one  species.  It  is  a strange and rare woodland perennial from the mountains of Japan. The evergreen foliage looks like a clumping  fern  until  the 10" scapes of white flowers bloom in summer. I grow  two different forms : one prostrate fern-like leaves appearing well before the flowers; the other flowering from the centre over still-green old leaves. Grown here in a trough in full  shade  in  the  company of other dwarf shade-lovers  and  it  thrives  as  this 10 year-old  plant  can  testify.  Acid  soil  enriched  once a year with Vitax Q4 in a top dressing.