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Plant of the Month, June 2009
Veronica bombycina v bolkardaghensis - by Bob Gordon
Veronica bombycina v bolkardaghensis  


Veronica bombycina v bolkardaghensis is a fairly recent introduction (Avant 1993) and looks likely to supersede the earlier introduction Veronica bombycina. The newer introduction would seem to be a better colour and a more floriferous plant.

Veronica bombycina v bolkardaghensis  

The plant above, photographed at the 2009 Show, is about 5 years old, and is grown in an alpine house, in a well drained compost. Care is taken to avoid over  watering. Its silver-grey mat is about 25 30cm, and responds well to shearing after flowering in spring. Cuttings from the sheared material can be easily rooted, and so provide an ongoing supply of plants.



Veronica caespitosa

Photographed in the wild in the Bolkar Dagh mountains of Turkey is the closely related Veronica caespitosa, with more tightly crowded leaves. Both the species occur from Lebanon to Turkey, and unlike the European veronicas, recent DNA studies suggest that they have evolved from veronicas of the Asian steppes and plains. (photos Liam McCaughey)

Veronica caespitosa in the wild